How Does Modafinil Compare to Its Alternatives?

Background of Modafinil

Modafinil is an oral drug, used to treat patients who suffer from excessive sleepiness. By stimulating the brain, Modafinil promotes wakefulness. This is generally prescribed to individuals suffering from narcolepsy or obstructive sleep apnea.

It is commonly used in a stack, as it helps to improve the performance of individuals that are experiencing negative effects associated with fatigue. Although the method of action is not fully understood, it’s believed that the amount of dopamine is increased. It is also believed to increase serotonin, histamine, and glutamate release.

What Are the Benefits of Modafinil?

There are multiple benefits associated with Modafinil use including:

  • Helps individuals stay awake and alert if they’re sleep deprived. When you experience sleep deprivation, your memory worsens and you lack mental clarity. When Modafinil is taken, cognitive function improves despite a lack of sleep.
  • It has shown improved symptoms in children with ADHD/ADD
  • It helps to improve focus, short-term memory, and concentration. This makes users more productive.

Why Would You Want an Alternative to Modafinil?

Although Modafinil is highly effective and beneficial, you need a prescription to use it. Unless you have a need for it, you probably will not get a prescription. This has left many users looking for alternatives that they can buy over-the-counter or online.

It is not only accessibility that is an issue, as the cost for Modafinil is fairly high. To buy thirty 100 mg tablets, you could pay anywhere from $800 to $1500. Not many people can absorb this cost, which is why they’re looking for alternatives.

Alternatives to Modafinil

If you like what Modafinil offers, but cannot afford or gain access to it, look into some of the following alternatives. If you’re looking strictly for the effects of Modafinil, then Adrafinil is your best option. If you’re also looking for other benefits, such as improved mood or memory, then you may want to explore some other options:


Adrafinil is the one of the top choices if you’re seeking Modafinil. Once you ingest Adrafinil, it is converted into Modafinil within the liver. This is as close as you’ll get without actually taking Modafinil.

You can buy this supplement in the United States without the need for a prescription. It is much more cost effective, as a single dose can cost as little as fifty cents when bought in bulk. Although the effects are identical, Adrafinil takes an hour longer to take effect.

This supplement is fairly similar to Modafinil in terms of its benefits, yet some say it is slightly weaker. Use take Adrafinil when they need to be more alert. You can legally buy this alternative in the United States, Canada, and most of Europe without needed a prescription.


This supplement is derived from Piracetam, but is much more potent. It helps to increase both focus and energy levels. Due to increased levels of dopamine, users experience improved motivation. Due to the influence on acetylcholine receptors, Phenylpiracetam also improves working memory.


This is a great supplement to use as an alternative, as it also works to enhance mood. This supplement is an engineered form of thiamine (vitamin B1). Thiamine is essential for energy metabolism in the brain.

When users take Sulbutiamine, they boost mental energy levels. It produces a stimulant-like effect, without the associated side-effects. It is linked to positive brain health, as it protects nerves. Sulbutiamine also targets memory. When taken, it has been shown to reduce the symptoms associated with cognitive disorders like Alzheimer’s.

Natural Alternatives to Modafinil

If you’re looking for a more natural approach, there are other alternatives that you may like to try. Like always, you should consult your doctor about any alternative discussed.


There are no cures regarding sleep disorders, however you can help control them. Caffeine does not eliminate narcolepsy for instance, but it has been incorporated into treatment. When you consume caffeine, it helps to combat fatigue.

You should not take excessive amounts of caffeine, as this can cause anxiety and insomnia. When caffeine is taken in a stack with L-theanine, these side-effects are dramatically reduced. Users feel more mentally alert and aware, while reducing feelings of anxiety.

Gotu Kola

This is used by Asian herbalists, as it’s a herbal stimulant. It combats feelings of mental fuzziness, which is often experienced by those that are sleep deprived. It helps increase levels of choline, influencing heightened brain function.

Country Mallow

This subshurb is native to India and has helped many regarding a number of ailments. It has been highly effective for those that have endured a stroke, but it is also a psychostimulant. Country mallow contains ephedrine, which is the stimulating compound. In order to target drowsiness, you can brew a country mallow tea. For each cup of boiling water, add 5 tsp of this herb.