This cognitive enhancer is typically used to boost mental acuity and enhance relaxation. It is also often taken as a lucid dream aid, helping users fall asleep easier after a high-stress day. After a stressful day, anxiety levels tend to increase, making it challenging to initially fall asleep.

Galantamine helps users experience a deeper level of sleep, encouraging the body to store and repair itself. During our deepest stage of sleep, known as our REM cycle, memory consolidation occurs. Therefore, sleep has a significant effect on memory.

What is Galantamine?

This supplement comes from flowers known as Galanthus Causasius, which is where its name comes from. Although it is derived from a natural flower, it can also be synthetically created and was first developed in the 1950s. Originally created in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, this supplement has been used throughout Europe to treat a wide range of conditions.

Based on its effects on memory, learning, and general cognition, Galantamine is also a popular nootropic. Since it’s so effective at improving memory, it is now FDA-approved within the United States for treating Alzheimer’s.

History of Galantamine

First developed in the 1950s, the bulk of work was carried out by Soviet pharmacologists M.D. Mashkovsky and R.P Kruglikova-Lvova. It was studied mainly for its acetylcholinesterase-inhibiting ability.

It was first industrial development of this supplement took place in 1959, from a species of flower that was commonly used within Eastern European medicine. The concept for using this species as medicine was highly localized based on its use within that region.

Galantamine has been used with Russia and Eastern Europe for decades, treating motor dysfunction, myopathy, and myasthenia. Today, it’s also available in the United States for treating Alzheimer’s. It is available in both over-the-counter and prescription form.


How Does Galantamine Work?

Like many nootropics and brain supplements, Galantamine is believed to have two main mechanisms of action. First, it works by inhibiting acetylcholinesterase. Since this enzyme typically destroys used acetylcholine in the brain, inhibiting its effects allows for enhanced levels of acetylcholine in the brain.

In healthy volunteers, after a single dose of 8 mg, the peak effect of inhibiting acetylcholinesterase was achieved after approximately an hour. Due to the positive effects associated with increased acetylcholine levels, this is an ideal mechanism of action.

Secondly, Galantamine works by binding to acetylcholine receptor sites, making these sites more receptive. In turn, acetylcholine efficiency and levels increase. Based on these effects, Galantamine is fairly similar to the racetam class of supplements, such as Aniracetam and Piracetam. To enhance the overall effects, you can stack Galantamine with cholinergics, such as Alpha GPC.

Some researchers believe that Galantamine actually encourages the release of other neurotransmitters as well, such as noradrenaline and adrenaline. If so, this works by blocking potassium ion channels within the neurons in your brain. As these neurotransmitters increase, a wide range of benefits are experienced, including enhanced energy levels and improve intellectual ability.

The Key Benefits of Galantamine

Since Galantamine enhances the levels of acetylcholine in your brain, users often experience a number of positive nootropic effects. First, by taking this supplement, you can enhance synaptic plasticity, allowing for enhanced memory formation. Basically, your brain becomes more flexible in that it can respond and adapt to new stimuli. This will allow you to learn easier and more rapidly. Memory recall, focus, concentration levels, decision making, and attention span all improve.

As mentioned, sleep is an area that’s enhanced by taking Galantamine. After a long hard day, users find that once they take this supplement, they’re able to relax and unwind much easier. In turn, they’re able to fall asleep more quickly and reach deeper levels of sleep. They report waking up feeling more refreshed which could help combat anxiety and high stress during the day.

For those who experiment with lucid dreaming or out-of-body experiences, Galantamine helps users achieve this state. For some users, galantamine increases their odds of lucid dreaming, especially when taking around 4 to 8 mg after five hours and practicing meditation.

Within the medical community, the FDA has approved this supplements to treat Alzheimer’s patients. Evidence also supports the positive effects this supplement has on conditions such as ADHD and other forms of dementia. It’s also shown to yield positive effects regarding autistic symptoms, such as irritability, social withdrawal, and lethargy.

What are the Side Effects?

This supplement has been shown to be highly tolerated and safe, however, there have been some minor side effects reported. These effects are typically very mild. In fact, it’s rare to experience any side effects at all. When users do report negative effects, nausea, loss of appetite, dizziness, headaches, and fatigue are the most common.

On rare occasions, users have developed an allergic reaction. In these cases, symptoms include hives, rashes, bloody stool, and swelling in and around the user’s mouth. If you notice any of these effects, discontinue taking the supplement and seek medical assistance.

How Much Galantamine Should I Take?

Since this supplement is so powerful, you do not need to take large amounts to experience the benefits it provides. Generally, the recommended dose is anywhere between 4 and 12 mg, taken twice daily. Users should not exceed 24 mg in a 24-hour period.

In order to maintain its effectiveness, you should space out your doses across a three day period. Galantamine has a long half-life, staying in the body for up to 48-hours. If you take too much, you increase your chances of building a resistance.

If you’re interested in taking Galantamine, please consult your doctor before taking your first dose. It’s important to determine whether or not you’re healthy enough to consume this powerful supplement. Please remember, it’s not recommended that you stack this supplement with other stimulants or take with cholinesterase inhibitors, such as Huperzine A.