Alpha Brain Review

Who Supplies Alpha Brain and What Is It?

Alpha Brain is supplied by the company ONNIT. This company sells a selection of supplements, foods, and fitness products. They have produced this stack, which is now the #1 nootropic stack in the United States.

Alpha Brain is a supplement that aims to increase concentration levels and boost memory. This supplement is a stack, therefore it is very well-rounded. With varied ingredients like Alpha GPC for choline, Vinpocetine for increased blood flow, and Huperzine A to stop the breakdown of acetylcholine; noticeable effects are experienced. When taking Alpha Brain, you can improve your mood, energy levels, focus, brain health, and cognitive ability.

Although this stack contains multiple supplements, it does not contains any racetams. Racetams are some of the more potent supplement options, which is why some individuals will stack Alpha Brain with a racetam to achieve the best results possible.

What Benefits Does Alpha Brain Provide?

Due to the varied ingredients, there are a number of well-balanced benefits. The first is improved memory and learning ability. Due to the Alpha GPC and Huperzine A, brain plasticity is increased. This allows for a higher level of acetylcholine, improving memory function.

Several ingredients provide brain health benefits. Vinpocetine increases blood flow, which increases nutrients in the brain. This is thought to repair and develop new brain cells. Improved sleep is another benefit associated with this stack. Due to the anti-anxiety and anti-stress effects, Alpha Brain allows for deeper relaxation.


How Does Alpha Brain Work

Each ingredient works in its own unique way, providing various benefits. These ingredients tend to cross the blood-brain barrier effectively, having a positive effect on a number of neurotransmitters. L-theanine for example, crosses the blood-brain barrier and then increases levels of dopamine and possibly serotonin. This is one of the ingredients that provides the feeling of relaxation.

Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that is vital regarding memory and learning. Acetylcholine levels are improved two ways when taking Alpha Brain. First, Alpha GPC provides choline. This has a direct effect on acetylcholine, as choline is essential for its synthesis. The second method of action is regarding acetylcholine inhibitors. For example, Serrata does not allow for acetylcholine to be degraded.

Recommended Dosage and Use

This is a great stack if you’re new to nootropics, or you you do not want to spend the time or money building your own stack. For those that are more experienced, Alpha Brain may not be the best choice. When you’re more experienced, you’re able to choose the best and strongest compounds. Racetams are of course very popular and effective. Since there are no racetams in this product, Piracetam is often stacked with Alpha Brain.

To increase mental performance, take 1 to 2 capsules of Alpha Brain in the morning or early afternoon. This is typically taken with a light meal. If you weigh over 200 pounds, then you can take a maximum of three capsules.

What’s In Alpha Brain?

The ingredient list is fairly extensive, as there are eleven nootropics in each capsule. Each ingredient plays its own role, which is what makes this supplement so well-rounded. In each capsule you will find; AC-11, Bacopa Monneiri, L-theanine, Alpha GPC Choline, Huperzine A, Vinpocetine, Serrata, L-Tyrosine, Oat Straws, Vitamin B6, and Mucuna Pruriens.

Each natural ingredient provides its own benefits, producing multiple cognitive advantages. Alpha GPC for instance is one of the highest choline sources that you can obtain. When you take Alpha GPC, you boost choline levels, which increases the amount of acetylcholine available. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that is vital for memory and learning.

Huperzia is an herbal source of the alkaloid, Huperzine A. This is great for memory and comprehension. AC-11 is for overall brain health, as it reduces the effects of aging. It helps to reduce damaged brain cells due to various external factors. As you can see, each ingredient provides its own benefits. This allows users to achieve a well-rounded effect.

Are the Ingredients Safe?

Alpha Brain is considered to be a nootropic, which means that it has to have a low toxicity regarding human consumption. This is why stimulants such as Adderal are not considered nootropics. The side-effects are much too strong.

Alpha Brain is considered to be safe, especially because the ingredients are natural. In fact, many racetams will take a stack containing Alpha Brain to reduce the possibility of headaches.

Although this product is safe, do not use Alpha Brain if you are pregnant or under the age of 18. If you are taking any medication, speak with your doctor regarding use. This is especially true for individuals who are currently taking blood thinners or any other drug that may interact with neurotransmission.

Possible Side-Effects

As mentioned, this stack is considered to be fairly safe. Like any supplement, there is the possibility that some side-effects will occur. The most common are headaches due to increased acetylcholine levels, and some dreams that are too vivid for comfort. Each ingredient itself, is considered safe by the FDA. This is why racetams are not included, as there a more strict regulations regarding their use.

When you look at separate ingredients, you can see that this is a safe supplement stack. The ingredients that create possible side-effects are Serrata and Vinpocetine. Serrata may be responsible for vivid dreams, while Vinpocetine is not recommended for people with low blood pressure. Other than that, ingredients are either nutrients, fillers, or well-researched, low toxicity compounds.

Buy ONNIT Alpha Brain

Want to buy ONNIT Alpha Brain today? Now that you know a little more about the possible side effects,  the exact recommended dosage and all the benefits of taking this “smart drug,” the next step is to purchase Alpha Brain and try it for yourself. The good news is that it’s safe, easy an convenient to order Alpha Brain online. In fact, buying supplements has never been easier for many people.