Nootropics and Supplements for Weight-Loss

The weight-loss industry is booming, as more and more individuals battle their weight. We tend to look for the easiest solutions when it comes to dieting and losing weight. Weight-loss is something that you need to be dedicated to, as it takes time and commitment. It’s not always easy, but there are various supplements that can aid in your weight-loss journey.

Nootropics are generally viewed as cognitive enhancers. Although this is true, they also provide various other benefits. There are active ingredients in various nootropics that will help you shed that extra weight. As long as you are consistent and maintain a healthy diet, nootropics can be a great addition to your weight-loss routine.

Nootropics That Help You Lose Weight

If you have been battling your weight for a while now, you may need to tweak your approach. There are many weight-loss pills that promise big results, yet they tend to fall short. You also need to be careful with what pills you’re consuming.

The following nootropics and supplements have been known to positively impact weight-loss. If you’re already familiar with nootropics, why not add one of these options to your stack?

Acetyl L-Carnitine

This nootropic is known to enhance one’s cognitive ability. However, there’s also interest in Acetyl L-Carnitine to lose weight and burn more fat. It works by promoting the uptake of fatty acids, so you burn stored fat to gain energy.

Acetyl L-Carnitine is essential for energy metabolism, as it helps transport lipids to cells in order to be used for energy. This is known oxidation, since fat is being converted into energy. After taking this nootropic, oxidation tends to increase. Due to these effects, it’s believed to enhance weight-loss.

Basically, consuming Acetyl L-Carnitine forces fatty acids into the mitochondria to be converted into energy. Due to an increase in lipid metabolism, weight-loss is one of the key benefits. Since this nootropic increases fat burning without affecting muscle mass, it’s ideal for both athletes and bodybuilders.

If you want to lose weight, you should typically take a dose between 500 and 1500 mg per day. However, if you’re engaged in a weight-loss program, it’s not uncommon to take between 2000 mg and 3000 mg per day. Start with a low dose and test your tolerance, this will help counteract any potential side-effects.


Taking choline has proven to be an effective technique for weight-loss. Although it’s not the strongest option, it does not create the side-effects associated with many other weight-loss pills. It also provides numerous benefits, aiding in cognition as well.

Our bodies can produce choline in small doses, however we gain most choline through our diet. Foods high in choline include fish, liver, eggs, and much more. Although these items contains choline, most individuals do not consume enough. This is why they supplement, as it ensures that the recommended dose is being administered.

Choline is essential for various processes within the body, including nerve cell function, brain function, and metabolic functions of the liver. If not enough choline is consumed, you can actually develop fatty liver disease. This is when fat accumulates within the liver.

Like Acetyl L-Carnitine, choline has a lipotropic effect. This means that it encourages fat to be used as energy, instead of using sources such as glucose. It also aids in liver function, breaking down and eliminating fat this ‘trapped.’

Since choline promotes lipolysis, it burns more fat than your typical metabolic rate would.This not only helps with steady weight-loss, but also prevents further weight gain. Although it does not provide the strongest results, it’s an excellent addition to any natural diet regimen or stack.

Many athletes and bodybuilders will use choline in a stack. It is generally stacked with Carnitine and caffeine, as this creates a powerful weight-loss mixture. Choline and Carnitine would together to supply cells with fat, meaning lipids are metabolized quicker.

Caffeine boosts your metabolism, while increasing levels of norepinephrine. This increases energy while burning more fat. If you’re looking for faster results, consider a stronger version of choline, which is known as Alpha GPC. This supplement is a more potent choice, leading to additional fat and weight-loss.


Although this ‘smart drug,’ is known for its cognitive effects, it also plays a role in weight-loss. This supplements was originally developed to help minimize symptoms of sleeping disorders. It allows users to stay alert throughout the day, being a great solution for narcolepsy.

In the past, diet pills included amphetamines to curb one’s appetite. This made users heart rate increase, which is dangerous. Modafinil also curbs appetite, but it doesn’t spike the body’s dopamine or norepinephrine levels. This means that no serious side-effects are experienced, such as increased blood pressure or heart rate.

Although the mechanisms aren’t fully understood, when users took either Modafinil or Provigil, they were able to lose weight and keep it off. Over the course of a year, some individuals experienced as much as a 10-point change in their body mass index (BMI).

Another theory suggests that you lose more calories when you’re awake. Since Modafinil increases wakefulness, this may lead to a boosted metabolism. When this is combined with its appetite suppressing benefits, users can lose weight and maintain their weight respectively.

Adrafinil produces identical effects to Modafinil, which means that it also aids in weight-loss. Adrafinil is a common alternative to Modafinil or Provigil. In fact, Adrafinil is a precursor to Modafini, therefore the body can convert one of these to the other. This supplement does not require a prescription; it is legal and cost-effective.

Lifestyle Changes

The key to weight-loss success if your everyday habits and routines. Adding nootropics to a stack or to your weight-loss regime is highly beneficial, but only if you focus on all aspects of weight-loss. You need to focus on your diet and activity level, as well as supplementation.

Eat a varied, balanced diet; increase your levels of fitness; and supplement. If you follow this routine, you will lose weight in no time. Explore you options within the nootropic world, as they produce a lot less negative effects in comparison to most weight-loss pills.