Lose Weight & Boost Your Health with White Kidney Bean Extract

Obesity is plaguing western society, significantly increasing the risk of serious health complications. When consuming white kidney bean extract, individuals are able to target cravings, fat mass, and overall weight loss. Benefits are significant while side effects are minor and short-term.

Also referred to as cannellini beans, white kidney beans offer high concentrations of a phytochemical in which blocks carbohydrates. By interfering with the digestion of high carb foods, less glycogen is stored in the liver and fewer calories are stored as fat.

How Does White Kidney Bean Work?

As mentioned, white kidney bean helps reduce the metabolism of carbohydrates, reducing the number of calories that enter your circulatory system. This leads to a reduction in fat storage and ultimately weight-loss. Although many are eager to lose weight, white kidney bean extract can do a lot more than boost self-esteem.

When blocking carbohydrate digestion in order to reduce fat storage, phaseolamin plays a key role. This phytochemical inhibits alpha-amylase, the enzyme that breaks down carbohydrates into more digestible pieces. This process normally begins within the mouth as salivary glands kickstart digestion.

From the mouth, food passes into the stomach before reaching the small intestine. The pancreas then releases alpha-amylase targeting carbohydrate breakdown. When an inhibitor is present, alpha-amylase is effected. This causes some carbs to pass through into the large intestine which are either partially digested or completely undigested.

Within the large intestine, these calories are then fermented or expelled. Overall, the end result is fewer calories being absorbed, reducing calorie intake. When this reduction is significant based on the effects of white bean extract, weight loss occurs.

Benefits of White Kidney Bean Extract

Multiple studies have reported positive effects regarding white kidney bean extract in terms of weight loss. In one 30-day study, those in the experimental group lost six pounds in comparison to the placebo group who lost less than one pound. A loss of fat mass, a reduction in cravings, and a lower waist circumference were also experienced in those that consumed white bean extract.

In terms of losing weight, fat loss and a reduction in cravings are beneficial, however, the benefits do not end there. By naturally losing weight, you also reduce your risk of cardiovascular complications, including heart disease, atherosclerosis, and hypertension. By targeting your weight now, you reduce your risk of chronic obesity which leads to significant health complications, including strokes and diabetes.

Speaking of positive effects, white kidney bean extract can also protect your heart. If you have struggled with your weight for an extended period of time, your cardiovascular health is an area in which you should focus on. Of course, it’s positive effects on weight will directly impact heart health, but this extract also offers a range of other heart-related benefits.

When taking white kidney bean extract, it has been shown to decrease triglyceride levels, lower LDL cholesterol levels while increasing HDL or good cholesterol levels, and reduce one’s risk of heart disease. Considering heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in North America, it’s essential that you care for this organ.

Effect of White Kidney Bean Extract on Colon Cancer

When supplementing with white kidney bean extract, the effects are similar to consuming an increased intake of dietary fiber. Although this extract yields numerous benefits based on metabolizing fewer carbs, it also is promising regarding colon health benefits.

These anticancer effects are believed to increase the amount of butyric acids, propionic acids, and acetic acids which are byproducts of undigested carbs based on the fermentation process in the large intestine. These benefits help reverse and prevent colon cancer, protecting one’s future health.

Taking White Kidney Bean Extract for Diabetes

Diabetes is a current health epidemic, affecting millions across the world. Approximately 95 percent of those with diabetes suffer from type-2 which is directly linked to weight and a poor diet. There’s been research showing that white bean extract could potentially help manage symptoms of diabetes.

Research has shown that white bean extract may improve prediabetic and type-2 diabetes symptoms, protecting one’s overall well-being. Following a high-carb meal, this extract can help utilize glucose in the blood, preventing dramatic spikes. In turn, it may reduce insulin resistance. If you are currently on medication for diabetic or prediabetic symptoms, it’s important to speak with your doctor regarding possible interactions.

Are There Any Side Effects of White Kidney Extract?

At this time, no significant or long-term side effects have been reported when taking this supplement. With that being said, based on the ways in which this extract influences blood glucose levels, this extract is not recommended for diabetics or anyone who suffers from conditions which cause hypoglycemia without first speaking to their doctor.

This is due to possible drug interactions, causing low blood sugar. Aside from diabetics, any women that are pregnant or nursing, patients who have scheduled upcoming surgeries, and those with kidney or liver conditions should refrain from taking this medication.