Bust Stress Levels with Valerian Oil

Valerian oil is a supplement in which promotes stress relief. Mainly made from the root of this plant, valerian oil is sometimes made from the leaves and stems as well. Valerian root itself, comes in many different forms. You can purchase pills, tea, and even liquid tincture.

Valerian oil, is specifically used on one’s skin for aromatherapy purposes. Other forms are typically ingested, which is why this form of oil is unique. Based on traditional medicine, the benefits of valerian oil have been well documented.

Although the benefits and mechanism of action still need to be discovered, researchers continue to identify the active compounds in this oil, allowing them to understand what effects it has. Let’s examine some of these benefits more closely.

A Little Background Information on Valerian Oil

Valerian root has been used for thousands of years, based on its calming effects. Within the past three decades, this oil has been extensively researched based on its relaxing effects. Based on this research, it’s been found that valerenic acid, valerone, and sesquiterpenes are the active components.

The main purposes for taking valerian oil, include relieving stress and symptoms of insomnia. If taking dietary supplements, these are generally taken in the evening, so that users can obtain a restful night sleep. Valerian essential oil can be used a few ways, but it is not recommended for oral consumption.

There are however, tinctures that can be added to beverages and teas. This oil acts as a natural sedative, as the FDA considers valerian to be safe for most of the population. In order to determine whether or not this is the right product for you, it’s best to speak with your doctor.

Using Valerian Oil for Aromatherapy

Using valerian root as an incense is becoming increasingly popular. When you add a small amount to an oil burner, you can effectively fill the room with the scent of valerian. This creates a calming effect on those exposed to the burning oil.

Although using valerian oil within aromatherapy is popular, there is one major concern. The odor itself is not very pleasant. Majority of users report that this oil is effective in terms of its sedative properties, but the smell if too foul to fill your living or sleeping space. After burning, some users have reported a lingering smell for a few days after.

Based on these undesirable effects, many companies have manufactured this oil, mixing it with other natural plant extracts. This helps to mask the smell, as a wide variety of ingredients being used. Some companies used natural oils, while others will use synthetic. Since there are so many possibilities, always check the labels. This will ensure that you’re not allergic to the additive included in that specific oil.

Topical Valerian Oil on the Skin

When using valerian oil on the skin, many would prefer to avoid the odor associated with this oil. Instead, you can add a small quantity to your bath, since mixing with large quantities of water, reduces the smell substantially. This is a great natural remedy for your skin.

You can also add a couple drops of essential oil to your bath. By doing this, you can promote relaxation, decrease stress, and feel an overall sense of calm. This helps users fall asleep more easily.

Some evidence supports the idea that valerian oil may also be effective for skin conditions. It’s been found that when you apply valerian oil directly to your skin, or mix it with another moisturizer; you can reduce the pain and itching from cuts and bites. This plant has been used for this purpose for hundreds of years within Europe. Another prime example is relieving the burning itch from stinging nettles.

Valerian Oil and Sleep

As mentioned, this oil has sedative properties. This is way it’s a promising solution for those that suffer from insomnia. Since this plant is considered to be safe (as it has gentle effects on the human body), Valerian is a well-known substitute for prescription drugs. When medication is prescribed for sleeping disorders, there’s always concerning risks. With valerian oil, these risks are diminished.

When studied for its effects on sleep, it was found that this oil helps people fall asleep faster. Users also tend to increase the quality of their sleep, as mental disturbances are limited. If you would like to use this oil for this purpose, burn a small amount in an aroma lamp before you go to bed. You can also mix this oil with a carrier oil (such as coconut), and massage it into your skin. Adding a few drops to your nighttime bath will also yield positive results.

Valerian Oil for Depression and Other Mental Health Conditions

Researchers have found that this oil influences GABA levels in the brain. This neurotransmitter is known to have calming effects on nerve cells. In turn, this helps reduce feelings of anxiety and stress. The aroma of valerian oil, is trusted in terms of combating seizures, emotional stress, depression, tension, anxiety, mental strain, and trauma.

More recently, studies has documented the effects that Valerian oil has on depression. Based on the ways in which it influences your central nervous system, it has the ability to send you into a hypnotic-like state. This is more commonly seen when using Valerian Wallichii essential oil. This option can also help you discard toxins from your joints, nerves, tissues, and blood.

Neurological Effects and Valerian Oil

Herbalists often use preparations containing valerian oil, when treating peripheral, autonomic, and central nervous system conditions. Also, based on the attention-enhancing properties of this herb, some German physicians have started using valerian root to treat ADHD in children.

Valerian Oil and Pain

Valerian oil can aid in a number of painful conditions. It is commonly used to prevent severe premenstrual symptoms. When premenstrual concerns surface, this oil can often help treat anxiety and sleeping complications. It is also used to treat gout pain, headaches, migraines, and rheumatism.

If you’re interested in purchasing valerian oil, the price will depend on both the quality and quantity of natural ingredients used. When oil contains higher concentrations of valerian, they tend to cost more. However, if you would like to achieve the positive effects mentioned above, you will need to opt for a higher quality product. Before taking this oil for any condition, speak with your healthcare professional.