Tribulus Terrestris


Tribulus Terrestris is a herb used within Ayurveda medicine and is most commonly used for male health and is commonly supplemented to boost libido and support testosterone-enhancing effects. In turn, users tend to experience enhanced moods, effective muscle building, pain reduction, increased sleep quality, cardiovascular protection, and more.

Where Did Tribulus Terrestris Come From?

It’s said that Tribulus Terrestris originated within the two most ancient medicines: traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine within India. The plant itself it said to have been used for over 3000 years. Traditionally, it was used to combat diseases of the kidneys and liver, as well as urinary-related diseases.

Today, Tribulus Terrestris has evolved and gained popularity within the United States, Canada, and Europe. It’s most commonly used as a means to stimulate libido and support bodybuilding efforts. This is due to the ways in which this supplement promotes the building of lean muscle mass while supporting recovery.

How Does it Work?

It’s said that Tribulus Terrestris works by regulating hormones via the liver, especially hormones that influence one’s reproductive system. Tribulus Terrestris does not necessarily increase levels of testosterone, but it helps regulate it, making it more effective.

If you are not producing enough testosterone, for instance, Tribulus Terrestris will help promote greater production. In some cases, it may increase production as much as 20 to 30 percent. If you have too much, it will have the opposite effect, helping to reduce levels. This is why Tribulus Terrestris is much safer than drugs that boost testosterone levels without any limits.

The Key Uses for Tribulus Terrestris

There are many uses for Tribulus Terrestris, although many modern users take this supplement to boost muscle mass. With that being said, it offers a wide range of benefits for numerous conditions and ailments.

Boosting Testosterone

When users increase testosterone regulation, they experience a number of positive effects. First, by taking this supplement you can increase endurance levels, boosting overall training and performance. In fact, it’s great to stack Tribulus Terrestris with Rhodiola or ginseng for this purpose.

While training users can experience increased physical strength and stamina, promoting greater muscle gain. Not only does it help to build muscle mass, but also protect it. After you workout, this supplement can aid in your recovery period. It’s also known to boost libido in both men and women, reduce symptoms of menopause, and aid in symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Stress and Insomnia

Stress and insomnia often do hand-in-hand. Without quality sleep, stress levels will worsen, yet stress continually contributes to one’s lack of ability to sleep. When taking Tribulus Terrestris you can help balance your nervous system, promoting deeper more restorative sleep.

In turn, this reduces anxiety, poor mood, and irritability. Once again, if you’re an athlete or bodybuilder, Tribulus Terrestris is great during sleeping hours. It further promotes recovery so that you protect lean muscle mass while reducing mental and physical stress.


Cardiovascular Health

By taking Tribulus Terrestris, you can potentially protect yourself against cardiovascular disease. This is especially true when stacked with Rhodiola, as it helps balance cardiac functions and becomes more cardioprotective. Also, when taken with garlic, it’s believed to reduce symptoms of high blood pressure.

Since this supplement is believed to convert bad fats into energy, reduce levels of bad cholesterol, improve overall circulation, and treat symptoms of diabetes, all of these contribute to a healthier, more balanced cardiovascular system. This will help protect you from further heart complications, such as strokes and heart attacks.

Immune Function

When taking Tribulus Terrestris, you can strengthen your immune system and combat chronic fatigue. Considered to be a general tonic, Tribulus Terrestris can promote energy, protect you against a wide range of disease, and fight inflammation. It’s believed to stimulate liver and kidney functioning, protect the prostate and urinary system, and helps target various mouth and throat inflammations.

Side Effects

Although Tribulus Terrestris is a highly powerful plant, you should not experience side effects when taking the proper recommended dose. As long as you take breaks, taking the supplement for two weeks then discontinuing use for a week, you should not have any negative experiences.

You should not exceed 1200 mg daily, however, always follow the guidelines listed on your supplement’s label. When you combine Tribulus Terrestris with stimulants like coffee, there’s not enough known about these effects to consider possible interactions. If taken outside the recommended dose, you can potentially damage your liver and eyes.


It is not recommended that you take Tribulus Terrestris for extended periods of time, as it’s advised that users take breaks of at least one week every two weeks. The most common method of taking this supplement is through capsules and it can also be taken in tinctures.

The effects are typically experienced after three to four days, however, this may be more rapid when combined with other plant-based supplements. The recommended dose typically ranges from 600 to 1200 mg daily, taken midday. Ideally, you should administer your daily dose within two separate doses.

For physical fitness, Tribulus Terrestris is more effective when combined with ginseng or maca. When taken with Spirulina, you can enhance fitness and endurance. Stacking with Ashwagandha can enhance sleep, libido, and stress levels.