Pre-Workout Shake


If you’re an athlete, you’ll want to maximize your training sessions. In order to do so, why not make a pre-workout shake? This will allow you to consume a blend of carbohydrates which have been specially formulated to boost energy levels, enhance focus, and boost performance levels.

If you are looking to take your performance levels and training to the next level, a Pre-workout shake is just what you need. Not only will you train more effectively, but you’ll also reach your goals much quicker. With this specially formulated blend of ingredients, you’ll be able to train harder, for longer periods of time.

Pre-Workout shakes are Effective and Popular

Pre-workout supplements are one of the fastest-growing categories within the supplement market. This makes sense when you focus on the critical window one-hour before you begin your training session. Your body needs the required nutrients in order to function at an optimal level.

When focusing the right supplements, you can boost endurance and performance levels, enhance focus, increase strength, as well as muscle pump. Overall, a Pre-Workout shake can help you support your efforts as you reduce body fat and increase lean muscle mass.


What’s In a Good Pre-Workout shake?

As mentioned, an effective pre-workout shake contains a combination of carbohydrates that can be easily absorbed. One of these complex carbohydrates is known as Maltodextrin, a digestible carb that is derived from corn starch, increasing energy levels.

Since Maltodextrin is digested slowly, it releases energy in a more sustainable manner during your workouts. Also, this carb is high in terms of the glycemic index, providing constant energy without creating fluctuations in blood sugar levels.

Another key ingredient is Creatine Monohydrate. If you’re into bodybuilding, you’re more than likely already familiar with creatine, a naturally occurring substance that helps your cells utilize energy, especially within your muscles. Its main role is to replenish energy levels by forming a compound that is stored in muscle.

This compound, known as Creatine Phosphate, is then converted to ATP based on enzyme function. Once broken down, ATP offers your organs and muscles energy in order to fully function and contract. By consuming Creatine, you will be able to build more lean muscle mass, supporting greater recovery. If you workout often and train hard, optimal recovery is essential.

There’s no point in building muscle mass if it’s only going to be broken down through excessive training. Some of the other ingredients to look out for when sourcing pre-workout supplements for strength include beta-alanine and betaine. These amino acids enhance performance levels, allowing you to achieve the best possible workout.

Why Consume a Pre-Workout shake?

As mentioned above, this Pre-Workout shake is essential for anyone who’s trying to train, build lean muscle, and avoid injury. Some of the key highlights when consuming this shake include:

  • More intense workouts
  • Increased energy levels
  • Enhanced performance levels
  • More rapid recovery
  • The perfect blend of carbs for lasting energy
  • Great taste

A pre-workout shake can help fuel your muscles during training. This helps to reduce breakdown and oxidation. It’s also said that a pre-workout shake can help you burn more calories. Why this occurs isn’t fully understood but it may be due to added metabolic effects.

To focus on these benefits in more detail, let’s examine some of the research that’s been conducted:

Pre-Workout Ingredients for Strength

While focusing on creatine, it’s important to have in your system in order to boost levels of ATP. This is why so many pre-workout supplements include this beneficial ingredient. Creatine is possibly one of the most researched supplements on the market today, with numerous studies showing its positive effects on speed, power, strength, and muscle size. It delivers energy to your cells so that you can enhance your overall performance.

Pre-Workout Supplements for Endurance

One of the key supplements to gain traction over recent years has been beta-alanine, a non-essential amino acid. This ingredient has been shown to reduce the build up of lactic acid, combat fatigue, and enhance performance at the end of an exhaustive endurance workout.

When studying creatine and beta-alanine together, Florida researchers found that they collectively enhanced performance levels. This makes this combination perfect for any athletes or bodybuilders who are looking to break training plateaus.

How to Take a Pre-Workout Shake

When making a Pre-Workout shake, such as Body Fuel, it’s recommended that you use three level scoops with water. Drink four servings daily, over the course of five days, then reduce to two servings daily. If you are sourcing another pre-workout shake powder, follow the listed guidelines as expressed by the manufacturer.

As always, speak with your doctor if you have any questions or concerns. If you are taking any medications or suffer from any medical conditions, go over the ingredients with your health care provider to ensure your safety.