Hordenine is a nootropic that is effective for both cognitive and athletic enhancement. For anyone trying to lose weight, Hordenine can boost one’s metabolism while decreasing appetite. For this same reason, bodybuilders take Hordenine as it promotes fat loss but encourages strength.

It is also commonly used by individuals who are looking to achieve an upper edge within the workplace, as it promotes focus, motivation, and energy levels. These varied effects make this supplement ideal for a wide range of people, who are looking to achieve a wide range of benefits.

What Exactly is Hordenine?

This natural compound is generally found a number of plant species, most commonly found in barley grass, as well as bitter orange and peyote cactus. Structurally, it’s similar to the amino acid known as Tyramine. It mainly works due to the release and protection of a powerful brain chemical, known as Norepinephrine.

It is known to stimulate the central nervous system and promote weight-loss benefits. Individuals who are looking for nootropic properties while aiming to maintain a healthy weight will significantly benefit. This powder also tends to lead to an enhanced mood and an overall sensation of euphoria.

The Effects of Hordenine Powder

Although a number of effects may occur, the three most sought after effects of Hordenine include increased energy, fat loss, and appetite control. Even in healthy individuals who are not physically active, Hordenine has been shown to increase energy expenditure, naturally burning more calories, even at rest.

Since Hordenine produces adrenaline-like effects due to the release of noradrenaline, it’s also considered to be a stimulant. In a 2009 study, it was found that when trained male athletes were given Hordenine, they experienced a significant increase in noradrenaline. This effect peaked 90 minutes after the athletes ingested this supplement. It’s important to note, that blood pressure, blood flow, and heart rate could also increase.

Based on its stimulating and thermogenic effects, Hordenine can boost one’s metabolism and increase overall fat loss. When norepinephrine levels rise, it’s believed to influence one’s appetite, controlling an excessive intake of food. While focusing on mental effects, mental energy and focus may also improve. Meaning, Hordenine is beneficial for both the body and mind.


The Benefits of Hordenine Powder For Your Brain

When taking Hordenine for its mental effects, it’s known to significantly enhance productivity, replacing nootropics such as Modafinil. When taking this supplement, users report feeling increased levels of energy, as well as enhanced motivation. When taking Hordenine, users have described their experience as a motivational rush, allowing them to tackle a wide range of tasks with enthusiasm and ease.

Based on reviews, users have reported an increased attention span when taking Hordenine. This helps users reduce mental distractions and brain fog. This is why individuals who are highly success-driven tend to appreciate the effects of Hordenine. When working extended hours and needing to complete demanding tasks, this supplement has aided many. When paired with nootropics like Choline or Noopept, these effects are amplified.

Is Hordenine Safe?

Based on the research that’s been conducted in the past, Hordenine is considered to be well-tolerated and safe in healthy adults. Since this supplement is technically classed as a mild stimulant, individuals who suffer from heart conditions or high blood pressure should not take Hordenine.

When you safely take Hordenine, that means that you’re following the recommended dosage. Some users have experienced some mild side effects, however, these typically surface when taking much higher doses than originally recommended.

Effects such as insomnia, mood swings, rapid heart rate, anxiety, and hallucinations have been reported. If this happens to you, please stop taking the supplement immediately. Discontinue use for a few days and then if you’d like to continue taking Hordenine, speak to your doctor and stick to the recommended dose.

What’s the Recommended Dosage?

The average dosage for Hordenine is 30 mg, taken two or three times daily. If you are taking Hordenine for a workout, you should administer your dose around 30 minutes before you begin. If using as a fat burner, take Hordenine first thing in the morning and then about six hours later.

If you’re aiming to achieve mental benefits, this routine is also recommended. Others prefer 75 mg daily, taken across three 25 mg doses. Remember, everyone is unique so you may need to experiment a little with the best dosage for you. Always start small and work your way up.

You can also stack Hordenine with Acetyl L-Carnitine, caffeine, and even PEA to increase fat loss and boost energy for working out. Hordenine is most commonly stacked with PEA, a highly powerful cognitive enhancing compound that unfortunately breaks down quickly. This is where Hordenine comes into play, as it prolongs the lifespan of PEA. When taken together, users experience increased focus and concentration, as well as feelings of euphoria.

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