Picamilon – Benefits, Side Effects, Uses & Dosage

There are so many supplements and nootropics on the market, it can be challenging to understand each and every one. Picamilon is a supplement which is not generally as well known. This has created questions amongst the nootropic community.

There are many different reasons as to why someone would take Picamilon. It’s important to note, that not everyone will have the same experience. Based on research and user reviews, the following information will allow you to have a more thorough understanding of this supplement.

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What Is Picamilon and Where Did It Come From?

While focusing on the history of Picamilon, there’s some disagreement as to when it was first produced. With that being said, this supplement was created sometime between 1969 and 1971. Research was first conducted at the All-Union Vitamin Research Institute within the Soviet Union.

Considering most of the research on Picamilon has been conducted in Russia, it is only more recently that the West has began recognizing its benefits and effects. Basically, Picamilon is a combination of niacin and GABA.

Niacin is a member of the B-complex family; while GABA is the neurotransmitter that creates calming effects. It was found that when these two separate compounds were combined, they yielded unique properties.

How Does Picamilon Work?

While focusing on Picamilon’s mechanism of action, it’s been found that this supplement reaches the brain via the blood-brain barrier, through niacin pathways. Since GABA cannot cross the blood-brain barrier on its own, Picamilon is highly beneficial in terms of its access.

Picamilon’s ability to cross the blood-brain barrier, is believed to occur quite rapidly. In fact, this action sometimes occurs in as little as 30 minutes. Picamilon also helps to open up blood vessels within the brain, allowing for more oxygen and nutrient exposure.

While focusing on blood vessels, Picamilon improves the quality of blood vessel maintenance. Due to this effect, it’s believed that it can lower one’s blood pressure. It also helps improve nerve and neuron function regarding vascular tone, both parasympathetic and sympathetic.

How Can Picamilon Benefit Me?

Focusing on your brain, Picamilon provides key benefits due to its effects on blood flow. Why does this matter? Well, when blood flow and circulation improve, your brain is exposed to high levels of oxygen and nutrients. This not only results in better brain health, but increased energy metabolism, leading to improvements in cognition.

When users take Picamilon powder, they observe a variety of benefits. Most users experience improved learning capacity and memory. In particular, Picamilon may have positive effects on your ability to concentrate, retain information within your working memory, and improve your attention span. This has been supported in research studies, which have provided evidence for enhanced planning, motivation, and intelligence.

One of the key benefits associated with Picamilon, is its ability to boost GABA levels in the brain. When you take GABA supplements on their own, they are not typically effective. This is because once GABA is in the bloodstream, it cannot transfer over into the brain. Instead, GABA is produced within the brain.

If you have low levels of GABA (which many do), taking Picamilon can help you feel more relaxed. Due to GABA’s positive effects on anxiety and stress, this is a great addition to any anti-anxiety promoting stack. Although GABA helps you enter a calm state-of-mind, Picamilon doesn’t create sedative effects. This supplement also aids in depression-like symptoms, as well as overall mood.

What Potential Side-Effects Should I Be Concerned About?

As mentioned, most research has been done within Russia. At this point in time, research regarding potential side-effects has been fairly limited. While focusing on negative reactions, there is a lot of informative, first-hand experiences posted by users. Nootropic reviews and anti-anxiety forums have provided insight into Picamilon and its effects.

Based on research and experience logs, Picamilon is considered to be very safe. When users take less than 500 mg per day, they are unlikely to experience any complications or negative effects. While comparing Picamilon to other anxiolytics, it is said to cause less issues regarding addiction, abuse, tolerance, and withdrawal.

With that being said, these effects are still a possibility, which is why this supplement is best taken under doctor supervision. You should discuss possible effects with your healthcare provider, especially because Picamilon is considered to be a weak MAO inhibitor.

This means that Picamilon inhibits enzymes that breakdown compounds like dopamine and serotonin. This can be dangerous in terms of potential drug interactions. Although Picamilon is not as hazardous as other drugs which inhibit MAO, it’s important to know all potential risks.

It is suggested that you do not mix stronger drugs in this class, due to potential side-effects. Once again, speak with your doctor regarding any questions or concerns. This is especially true, if you’re currently taking any medication.

Recommended Dosage

The standard recommended dose for Picamilon ranges between 50 and 300 mg daily. Many split their daily dose into several administrations. Many will take one dose in the morning, then one in the evening. When purchasing Picamilon capsules, they generally comes in 150 mg increments.

If you would like further control over your doses, then you can purchase Picamilon powder in bulk. With all supplements, start with the lowest possible dose. This will allow you to see how the supplement effects you. Th effects last approximately 2-4 hours, being most effective on an empty stomach.

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