How You Can Benefit From Mucuna Pruriens

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The benefits associated with mucuna pruriens, are due to this plant’s natural extracts. Since this extract contains L-dopa, users can enhance dopamine levels within the brain. There are various reasons in which someone would want to take this supplement, which require different recommended doses. We will discuss this in more detail below.

This plant has been used for many years, working as a mental energy and mood booster. Today, this extract is used in many cases to target imbalances regarding one’s emotional state. So, how should you use this supplement? Let’s examine the effects, benefits, and recommended dosage more closely.

The History of Mucuna Pruriens

Originally, people used mucuna pruriens to treat snakebites. Whether or not this antidote truly detoxifies snake venom is unclear. Researchers believe it’s much more likely that this plant helps boost mood, easing the panic associated with a snakebite.

This plant is native to both Africa and Asia, but is also known to grow well in the Caribbean. Within the Caribbean climate, these plants can grow up to 15 meters. While focusing on the beneficial effects, the high L-dopa concentrations are actually found within the seeds.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to harvest and ingest these seeds. This is due to the fact that both the leaves and bark of this plant create inflammatory effects on human skin. Today, these seeds are harvested through mechanical techniques. It’s important to note, that the seeds themselves do not create inflammatory effects or skin irritation when handled or consumed.

Currently, these seeds are used to enhance mood and balance one’s emotions. A common dosage today, is most likely to be prescribed for depression and/or anxiety. These conditions are more commonly treated now, in comparison to mucuna prurien’s original uses, which included treating tuberculosis. It is also currently used as an aid in boosting sexual health. This is due to its effects on libido and performance.

How Does Mucuna Pruriens Work?

When taking a typical dose, the L-dopa content has a direct effect on dopamine. This is because L-dopa is a precursor to dopamine. This vital neurotransmitter helps to regulate mood, drive, ambition, pleasure, and more.

Since dopamine cannot cross the blood-brain barrier on its own, it can not be supplemented. When supplements like mucuna pruriens are taken, they help to boost dopamine levels in the brain because they are precursors. Mucuna pruriens also helps stimulate epinephrine and norepinephrine.

Both of these neurotransmitters increase nerve cell function, allowing for greater metabolism and faster communication between neurons. Serotonin is also influenced, which is why mood boosting effects are experience. This neurotransmitter not only boosts mood, but helps users sleep and improve some forms of memory.

While focusing on sexual performance and enhancement, this extract increases testosterone production in males, while increasing sexual sensitivity in females. For these reasons, some users take this supplement for sexual health.

The Key Benefits of Mucuna Pruriens

As mentioned, the main benefits in which this supplement are used for today, are for anxiety and depression symptoms. When taking this supplement, individuals experience a more focused and clear mind. Users also notice that stress becomes more easily managed.

The best part about mucuna pruriens effects on stress, are that is helps calm users, without creating sedative effects. For those that experience social anxiety, this may be a great aid. Also, those that are fearful in terms of their sexual performance, this extract helps to improve libido, by reducing these fears of intimacy.

Users often experience a boost in mental clarity and energy. This is because circulation is improved, allowing for greater blood flow. Dilated blood vessels and more positive brain communication, also play a vital role in terms of boosted brain power. These benefits are common when taking general, recommended doses. Although this extract will not produce a high, it does boost pleasure, energy, and confidence.

How Much Mucuna Pruriens Should I Take to Experience Benefits?

Based on records that date back hundreds of years, it appears as though humans react to this extract very well. With that being said, it’s always best to stick to the lower end of a recommended dosage, especially if it’s your first-time using this extract. When you see how this supplement affects you, you can always increase the dosage slightly.

So, what is the best dose, yielding the best results? On average, users take approximately 500 mg daily. As mentioned, if you are a new user, start with a dose that is closer to 100 mg. You can take this smaller dose up to three times daily.

You should not exceed 1 gram daily, as this is the absolute maximum which is recommended. If you take doses above 1 gram, you could experience neurotoxicity. These side-effects are discussed below. Doses any higher than 1 gram, tend to be overstimulating for most users.

If you would like to intensify the effects of mucuna pruriens safely, stack this supplement with other mood enhancers. For instance, a common stack would be mucuna and L-theanine (which provides anti-anxiety effects). Just remember to follow recommended dosages, especially when stacking.

Should I Be Concerned About Side-Effects?

As mentioned above, if you take over 1 gram of mucuna pruriens daily, you can experience side-effects. These could include high blood pressure, faster heart rate, sweating, and nausea. When you take such a high dose, you can actually cause the key benefits of this supplement to be ineffective.

Positive effects like increased concentration and decreased stress symptoms, will not be experienced at high doses. There is simply no need to take more than 1 gram, so please follow the recommended dosage for optimal results. If you have any concerns, please contact your healthcare provider.

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