Tongkat Ali


What is Tongkat Ali?

Tongkat Ali is a herb that grows in the jungles of Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. Depending on what country you’re in, it may also be referred to as Tung Saw and Pasak Bumi. It’s also known as an herbal Viagra, but we’ll cover that shortly.

The flowers found on this tree contain either male or female flowers. It offers fibrous roots that penetrate deep into the group, taking up nutrients during their five-year growth period. At this point, it will reach maturity and since it grows in the jungle, it’s not exposed to pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

In Malaysia, Tongkat Ali is considered to be a national treasure. This herb has been utilized within Asia for centuries, especially within Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. It’s also known in Vietnam as the tree that cures a hundred diseases.

Throughout history, Tongkat Ali was used by natives as an aphrodisiac and an energy booster. Today, it’s used as a natural libido enhancer. It works by increasing testosterone levels, enhancing fertility, libido, and also offer benefits for athletes and bodybuilders. It’s also used to treat conditions such as diabetes, malaria, jaundice, and other health conditions.

It works by stimulating the natural production of testosterone. It also helps block the negative feedback cycle that occurs when your levels of testosterone have reached their peak. When you naturally reach your peak without Tongkat Ali in your system, your body sends a signal that reduces production. Tongkat Ali blocks this signal so that your body continues to produce testosterone past peak levels. In turn, users experience increased strength, sex drive, muscle mass, and a reduction in body fat.

The Benefits of Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali is very powerful, however, it’s 100 percent natural. It uses your body’s own natural testosterone regulatory system in order to over produce. This can help individuals who suffer from testosterone-related conditions or illness. Some of the key benefits include:

Increased Testosterone Levels

One of the reasons that this supplement is popular amongst males is due to the way in which it increases levels of testosterone. Unlike synthetic testosterone boosters that produce increased levels of this hormone by your Leydig cells which eventually stop producing testosterone, it boosts these Leydig cells.

The result is increased testosterone levels without the rebound effects. Testosterone levels are linked to the hormone known as SHGB (sex hormone-binding globulin). This hormone binds to testosterone. Since Tongkat Ali increases the production of Leydig and lowers SHGB, your body is able to use testosterone more naturally.

Since most testosterone boosters cause your body to produce fewer sex hormones over time, the longer you use this supplement, the greater the boost of free testosterone. In one Malaysian study, 76 men suffered from hypogonadism with 35 percent exhibiting abnormally low levels of testosterone. After the trial, 90 percent of the men’s testosterone had increased within the normal range.


Increased Libido

Throughout history, this has been one of the most popular reasons for males to take Tongkat Ali. This herb is known for its proven strength as a natural aphrodisiac. Although many of the studies have been conducted on animals, these results have been reported time and time again.

Increased Sperm Count and Quality

In our modern society, there are plenty of foods and electronics that are believed to negatively affect sperm levels. For men who suffer from fertility issues, Tongkat Ali could boost sperm levels as well as the quality of available sperm.

In one study, 75 men who had consumed Tongkat Ali every day,experienced significant improvements in both their sperm count and the quality. These effects last for months, even after the study had ended. In fact, after a follow-up

Athletic Edge

Of course, increased testosterone levels can aid in more intense training sessions, however, tongkat ali also increases ATP production. Since ATP is the basic unit of energy, it’s responsible for keeping us active and alive. When you increase ATP levels, vitality also increases. More energy means greater motivation and improved performance.

When taking Tongkat Ali, you can increase energy production without experiencing hyperventilation, insomnia, or increased anxiety. While studying both humans and animals, it’s been found that Tongkat Ali increases muscle mass. These studies reflect Tongkat Ali’s anabolic properties, improving muscle size and endurance levels.

Are There Any Possible Side Effects?

When taking Tongkat Ali, it is generally well tolerated. With that being said, when used for bodybuilding purposes, some mild side effects have been reported. These include a slight rise in aggression, restlessness, and an increased sexual desire (not everyone wants to experience this effect).

All of these effects are based on your body’s natural rise in testosterone levels. To date, there have been no reports of hair loss or pattern balding based on using Tongkat Ali. Please remember, if you’re prone to illness or taking any medication, it’s best to speak with your doctor before taking your first dose.

How Much Tongkat Ali Should I Take?

For the best results, always following the recommended dose are directed by the manufacturer. Many bodybuilders take three capsules throughout the day, however, this may vary depending on your supplement and what you’re trying to achieve. The most common dose cycle is six to eight weeks, then taking a break for 40 percent of your cycle time. If you are using Tongkat Ali in order to boost sex drive, a shorter cycle is generally recommended.