Treating Depression with L-Tyrosine

Depression is a mental health condition that is affecting 1 out of every 10 Americans. Although so many are affected, it is estimated that approximately 80% do not access treatment. When looking at treatment options, individuals are typically prescribed antidepressants.

These medications are known to come with a long list of potentially dangerous side-effects Due to these negative effects, it is becoming much more common to treat various ailments (depression included), with more natural remedies.

L-Tyrosine is now being offered to those that suffer from symptoms of depression. Although your environment can affect your mood, depression is often much deeper than that. It affects individuals at a neurochemical level, which is what anti-depressants and more natural supplements target.

When suffering from cloudy thoughts, poor mood, and lack of energy; L-Tyrosine provides natural relief. Since our bodies naturally produce this amino acid, it is already connected to our neurotransmitters as a precursor.

When taken in large enough doses, users experience reduced depression, while benefiting cognitively. Users experience lifted mood, boosted energy, and higher mental clarity. One of the most common ways to get this high dose of L-Tyrosine, is within Alpha Brain. However, you can also easily access L-Tyrosine supplements.

What Causes Depression?

As mentioned, there are many ways in which your psychological state can be influenced. If you experience trauma or abuse for instance, this could potentially lead to depression. The most common environmental factors include unemployment and becoming recently divorced. When looking deeper, the individual will more than likely have a chemical imbalance.

Due to aging, genetics, and one’s environment; hormone deficiencies can create low moods. This causes affected individuals to struggle with communicate, problem solving, the ability to stay focused, and more. In order to address these symptoms, hormones need to be rebalanced.

When taking traditional anti-depressants, these medications target serotonin levels in the brain. However, individuals that experience low dopamine levels, will also suffer from undesirable symptoms. When you lack dopamine, you tend to lack motivation and energy. L-Tyrosine works by boosting this neurotransmitter, helping to alleviate symptoms.

How Does L-Tyrosine Work?

L-Tyrosine works by boosting levels of dopamine. Since L-Tyrosine is an amino acid, it helps build proteins throughout our body. It also boosts certain chemicals like epinephrine and dopamine. All of the effects that dopamine creates, help to counteract symptoms of depression.

Another chemical that is a key focus, which L-Tyrosine addresses, is norepinephrine. Once again, this neurochemical targets mood, but also helps manage stress. When we lack normal levels of norepinephrine, we begin to experience anxious thoughts. However, be careful, as too much norepinephrine can have the same effect regarding anxious thoughts.

When you take L-Tyrosine, you help balance hormone levels. This is due to the steady re-uptake of norepinephrine. There are food sources of L-Tyrosine, but their effect against depression is minimal. If you are looking for a stronger effect, supplementation is recommended.

Targeting Both Depression and Anxiety

When taking L-Tyrosine, users can experience more manageable symptoms from depression and anxiety. These effects can be both in the short and long-term. When taken daily, you can help fight off symptoms of depression before they surface.

It is all about effectively balancing hormones over time. This supplement is an excellent compliment to therapy. While focusing on a more positive state of mind, users can address their issues in a more positive mindset.

Since panic attacks, anxiety, and depression symptoms can all be reduced; individuals are able to approach other forms of therapy with enhanced energy and a more positive mood. It is also much easier to attend work, school, and even social outings.

How to Use L-Tyrosine

If you are looking to treat symptoms of a depressive episode as they occur, then a 500 mg dose is typically more than enough. This will help the user experience a lifted mood. If you are suffering from a more serious condition, you can safely consume up to 5 grams.

Like any supplement, speak with your healthcare provider if you have any concerns. If you are experiencing symptoms of depression and anxiety, you should be seeking professional advice. There are natural options, which can help you minimize your symptoms.

What Side-Effects Should I Be Concerned About?

As mentioned, at high doses, L-Tyrosine can create some minor side-effects. It can be too stimulating for the user, producing similar side-effects to caffeine. Users may feel slightly jittery, nauseous, and experience headaches.

This is typically only at high doses. If you are targeting depression or anxiety, stick with your recommended dosage. As mentioned, if you have any concerns, speak with your healthcare professional. They is especially true if you are already on medication (as some medications may interact with L-Tyrosine).

If you are looking for long-term relief, then it is best to take L-Tyrosine with other beneficial nootropics. Alpha Brain is a great source of multiple nootropics, stacked into one supplement. L-Tyrosine is the main ingredient, aiding in mood disorders and boosting overall brain health.