Malay Kratom

What is Malay Kratom & Where to Buy?

Malay Kratom comes from Malaysia, a country that has a reputation based on its production of kratom. Due to the climate within Malaysia, being a highly tropical and wet region, the kratom that grows here is strong and effective. Known for its versatility, Malay kratom has grown wildly throughout history, leading to interbreeding. In turn, this has created a highly effective strain.

Used for centuries within Malaysia, kratom users tend to seek ‘super’ green Malay, based on its positive effects and high potency. These leaves are known as ‘keetum’ in Malaysia, and are known to produce effects similar to morphine — without the associated concerns surrounding addiction.

Although all varieties of Malay kratom are known to be highly beneficial, green Malay kratom is said to be the most powerful and sustainable in terms of its effects. It is known to target symptoms associated with chronic pain, without causing sedation.

How Does Malay Kratom Powder Work?

Like all strains of kratom, Malay kratom influences opioid receptors in the brain — which is why users can experience heightened relaxation, pain relief, and overall euphoria. This is based on active alkaloids, such as mitragynine, which when taken in small doses, bind to delta opioid receptors — unlike substances such as heroin, which bind to mu opioid receptors.

Available in white, green, and red vein varieties, based on the unique alkaloid profile of green Malay kratom, it is a very popular choice. Here’s how these varieties differ:

  • Green Malay Kratom — being well-balanced, this is certainly the most popular Malay strain, producing lasting effects. Overall, users typically experience pain relief, anxiety relief, improved mood, enhanced focus, and balanced energy.
  • Red Malay Kratom — although not as commonly used, this variety is perfect for those aiming to reduce painful symptoms, while promoting high levels of physical and mental relaxation.
  • White Malay Kratom — this is the most stimulating variety, boosting energy levels — even when taken at higher doses (which generally induces more sedative effects). On average, users experience heightened energy, greater focus, and a more positive mood.

The Benefits of Malay Kratom Powder & Capsules

When taking Malay kratom, the effects are highly versatile — yielding a wide range of benefits. Like all strains of kratom, regardless of where it’s grown, the effects will often differ based on the leaf’s vein color. With that being said, these are some of the general benefits associated with Malay Kratom:

  • Boosts and balances energy levels — due to its stimulating effects, users will experience heightened energy levels. Unlike some Thai strains, Malay kratom often yields increased levels of energy in a much more balanced and smooth manner. Meaning, enhanced energy levels do not ‘hit you all at once’ — but rather come on more gradually. Depending on the dosage, the effects will vary, as smaller doses tend to enhance energy, while higher doses create a more sedative effect.
  • Mood enhancer — Malay kratom is known to enhance cognitive function, exhibiting some potential nootropic properties. Most users agree that this strain will often increase focus and mental energy — which is especially the case when taking either white or green Malay kratom (as red Malay kratom is known for its sedative effects).
  • Reduces and manages stress levels — for those who suffer from anxiety, super green Malay kratom is said to be highly effective. In fact, many users enjoy its the positive benefits they experience in relation to social anxiety. Since a tolerance can develop, it’s recommended that you take Malay kratom as-needed when addressing symptoms of anxiety.
  • Acts as a pain reliever — once again, although each strain will often produce pain relieving effects, the potency can vary between each variety. For those who want to address increasing pain levels without feeling overly sedated, this is an ideal choice.
  • Improved mood — due to the blend of 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine, Malay kratom can produce euphoric effects, improving one’s mood. Although this effect varies from person to person, these effects are generally experienced when taking between 3 and 5 grams.

Are There Any Possible Side Effects of Malay Kratom?

When taking a new substance, you need to be aware of the possible side effects. When sourcing kratom, select high-quality sources, improving overall efficiency — while minimizing potential side effects. As long as you stick to the recommended dose (and remember that less is more), potential side effects are not generally common.

Of course, depending on your individual use and experience, your tolerance will differ from someone else. If you’re a beginner, it’s always best to start with the threshold dose, working your way up. For those who take too much, such as 10 grams or more, can experience the following side effects:

  • Lack of concentration and focus
  • Feeling restless and jittery
  • Nausea or dizziness
  • Excessive itching, sweating, and the possibility of red rashes
  • Headaches

Recommended Dosage

As mentioned, it’s always best to start with the lowest recommended dose, slowly increasing dosage based on your experience. Even if you’re an experienced kratom user, if you’re trying a new strain, it’s best to begin with a lower dose. On average, users typically take between 2 to 3 grams — however, it’s imperative that you follow the directions presented by the manufacturers.

Also, it’s critical to remember that Malay kratom (especially green Malay), take longer to take effect in comparison to other strains. The strongest effects will not be felt until 3 to 5 hours after consumption, so do not take more if you do not feel anything right away. Although slightly unique, Malay kratom will generally produce a more energetic effect when taken at smaller doses, and a slightly more relaxed effect when taken in larger doses.