The Benefits of Huperzine A on Memory and Brain Function

Huperzine A is a dietary supplement which is derived from moss known as Huperzia serrata. It has gained attention due to its effects on memory regarding Alzheimer’s patients. It is also believed to benefit various other cognitive functions, as it’s a great addition to any stack.

What Is Huperzine A?

As mentioned, Huperzine A is a supplement derived from club moss. This plant was traditionally used to treat swelling, colds, muscle strains, bruises, and tendons. However, Huperzine A is highly purified, as it’s manipulated in a laboratory setting.

This supplement is commonly used within Alzheimer’s treatment, as it aids in memory loss and learning difficulties. Since Huperzine A increases levels of acetylcholine, various benefits are experienced. You can buy this supplement on its own, or within the popular Alpha Brain stack.

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How Does Huperzine A Work?

In terms of memory, Huperzine A is known to enhance storage, retrieval, and consolidation. Huperzine targets the cholinergic system, which is associated with acetylcholine production. Since this supplement is an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor, it increases the level of acetylcholine in the user’s brain. Since this chemical is essential for memory and other cognitive functioning, improvements are generally experienced.

When taking Huperzine A, it affects acetylcholine levels the same way that Alzheimer’s medications do. Taking Huperzine A is not only cheaper, it’s easier to come by. When taking this supplement, you may help prevent cognitive decline, protecting yourself against dementia and other related conditions.

If you’re familiar with nootropics, then you have properly heard of Piracetam. Huperzine A has similar effects to nootropics found within the racetams family. So, when Huperzine A is taken with a racetam, benefits are enhanced even further.

When comparing Huperzine A to Piracetam, it has a slightly different mechanism regarding acetylcholine levels. As mentioned above, Huperzine A is an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor. This is an enzyme that breaks down acetylcholine, preventing your neurons from accessing it.

Since Huperzine A prevents the breakdown of acetylcholine, levels increase. This means there is a greater re-uptake of acetylcholine, resulting in improved memory consolidation and memory formation. Basically, this supplement helps neurons communicate more effectively.

What are the Benefits of Huperzine A?

There have been multiple studies conducted, showing the effective benefits that Huperzine A offers. Since there is an increased level of cholinergic activity, user’s brains experienced greater neuroplasticity. This means that your brain is able to adapt and learn new information.

Since acetylcholine is also related to fluid intelligence and working memory, these benefits are experienced as well. Since levels of acetylcholine tend to decrease as you age, Huperzine A is a great preventative measure.

When users have taken Huperzine A, they experience improvements in mental functioning. In turn, this positively affects the users memory capacity. Due to these effects, dementia and Alzheimer’s are the diseases which Huperzine A tends to benefit.

For Alzheimer’s patients, it was found that improvements were seen within the first four to eight weeks of usage. These patients experienced improvements in both their ability to think and their memory. Although more research needs to be conducted, the results so far are highly encouraging and positive.

Potential Side-Effects Associated with Huperzine A

Just like many other nootropics, Huperzine A does not create serious side-effects. With that being said, there are a few possible side-effects that have been reported. In the first month, users tend to experience few or no side-effects.

When side-effects do occur, they typically include sweating, vomiting, muscle twitching, restlessness, nausea, diarrhea, and increased saliva. Although these do not happen often, they’re a possibility. If you have any questions or concerns, speak with your doctor.

You should also not take Huperzine A if you’re under any of the following circumstances:

  • Pregnant: There are no study results regarding pregnancy and Huperzine A. If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, please refrain from using this supplement.
  • Heart Disease: Some individuals have experienced a slower heart rate. If you already suffer from a heart condition, then you should be using Huperzine A with caution. If you have heart disease, please speak with your doctor before starting your first dose.
  • You Experience Seizures: For individuals with epilepsy, Huperzine A may worsen their condition. It’s believed that this is due to the chemicals in our brain and the way in which Huperzine A affects them.

Recommended Dose

You can administer Huperzine A orally or via injection. These two methods are based off of varying circumstances. For injections, patients are given Huperzine A for muscle weakness. This is generally administered by a healthcare professional.

Oral ingestion is the method suggested for those suffering from Alzheimer’s. These doses will typically be between 50 to 200 mcg, twice daily. If patients are senile, it’s recommended that they take 30 mcg, twice daily.

The effects of this nootropic can be experienced on its own, or taken in a stack. As mentioned, a racetam like Piracetam is a great choice. You should also take a choline supplement, elevating benefits. You can also explore Alpha Brain, as you will consume a dose of Huperzine A when taking this stack.