Huperzine A: An Outstanding Natural Supplement

If you’re an experienced nootropic user, than you know how beneficial stacking various supplements can be. Huperzine A is a very common ingredient in stacks, but is also known to be one of the best natural supplements when taken on its own. This compound is extracted from the Huperzia Serrata plant, helping users boost their overall brain power.

It is commonly taken by students, due to its positive effects on memory. However, it can be taken by any adult that is looking to enhance their memory. Since it is so potent, it only requires small doses. Hopefully, one day it can be used to improved symptoms of Alzheimer’s (as research has already reflected positive results).

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How Does Huperzine A Work?

This supplement is an alkaloid, which is a naturally occurring compound that is mostly made-up of nitrogen atoms. Although it is mainly taken from the Huperzine Serrata plant, it can also come from Huperzine Aqualupian, and Huperzine Carinet.

It is most commonly used for its effects on memory, as well as its positive effects on neuroplasticity. By taking this supplement, your brain can make new connections throughout the brain, helping you improve cognitive functioning. Since it is also known to be a neuroprotective, you can take Huperzine A to support long-term brain health.

The root cause of Alzheimer’s is still unknown. With that being said, researchers understand more than ever when it comes to this degenerative disease and the human brain. When studying Huperzine A, it was found that it could counteract some of the key signs associated with this disease’s cognitive decline.

This natural supplement, creates similar effects when compared to more powerful supplements, such as Aniracetam or Piracetam. You can also take Huperzine A in a stack with these racetams, amplifying the effects. When taking Huperzine A, it targets your cholinergic system.

Due to the way in which this supplement increases acetylcholine levels, it differs in comparison to a choline supplement or a racetam supplement. Huperzine A is known to be an acetylcholine inhibitor. An enzyme known as acetylcholinesterase, breaks acetylcholine down, preventing further use by your neurons.

Since Huperzine A targets acetylcholinesterase, it prevents it from breaking down acetylcholine within the synaptic cleft. In turn, this increases acetylcholine levels. The end result is improved memory, in terms of both formation and consolidation. Basically, this supplement helps to boost neural activity, allowing neurons to communication and connect more effectively.

By increasing the release of Nerve Growth Factor, it’s believed that Huperzine A could actually help form new nerve cells. This is because NGF is a protein which is needed for nerve cell growth. Although this needs to be examined and researched future, it is a promising area of research for those that experience cognitive decline and brain damage.

Some More Key Benefits for Alzheimer’s Patients

While focusing on how this supplement works, we brushed on some of the key benefits associated with Huperzine A. Let’s simply expand on those ideas further, especially regarding potential use within Alzheimer’s care. When studying this supplement within a sample of Alzheimer’s patients, it was shown to improve some symptoms.

Within the first 4-8 weeks, patients found that they were able to improve their ability to think, as well as their memory. In another study, senile dementia patients noticed positive results after just four weeks. Healthy individuals also have reported improved memory formation and retention, when taking Huperzine A as well.

What Are the Side-Effects Involved?

When you take any supplement, make sure you understand the potential side-effects. This is especially true if you suffer from a condition or are on any medication. When you take the recommended dose, Huperzine A is considered to be very safe.

Side-effects are typically mild, including restlessness, headaches, nausea, vomiting, sweating, and high blood pressure. With that being said, these effects are only reported in a small sample of users. If you are currently pregnant or breastfeeding, please refrain from using this supplement.

Also, if you suffer from heart disease, GI blockages, emphysema, epilepsy, or any other form of seizure disorder, then please do not take Huperzine A. If you are currently on any medication, please speak to your doctor before your first use.

What Is the Recommended Dosage?

While focusing on some nootropics, such as Piracetam, you can dosages that are several grams. While taking supplements like Noopept, you only need around 50 mg. Huperzine A however, is so potent that you only need to take a few micrograms at a time.

When it comes to natural nootropics, this supplement is highly potent and powerful. If taking Huperzine A, the recommended dosage is anywhere between 100 mcg and 200 mcg. One microgram equals 1/1000th of a milligram.

The maximum recommended dose is 400 mcg, when attempting to treat symptoms of Alzheimer’s. For the best results, stack this supplement with racetams or any other supplements which positively influences acetylcholine.

Buying Huperzine A

This supplement comes in both powder and tablet form. You can opt for powder in bulk, or purchase tablets that are typically either offered in 100 mcg or 200 mcg doses. Powder is generally cheaper, however many find the tablet form more convenient.

When a dose is already measured in tablet form, you will be assured that you’re taking the right dose. This is in terms of effectiveness and safety. If you do opt for powder, you will need a scale that is capable of measuring doses that are at least 1/10th of a milligram.

You can also fund Huperzine A in effective stacks, as pre-made stacks are available. If you are already planning on using multiple nootropics, this is your best option. By using Alpha GPC, you can increase acetylcholine levels, enhancing the overall benefits experienced. If purchasing pre-made stacks, the most popular is Alpha Brain.