How to Boost Your IQ in Four Steps

Learning how to enhance your overall IQ has been extensively researched. When focusing on intelligence, it is influenced by many factors. Genetics most certainly play a role, but so do the countless experiences you have in your life.

Although your environment and genetics play a large role, your brain chemistry also determines your level of intelligence. In order to enhance your IQ, you need to make adjustments to your lifestyle and challenge your brain, while consuming supplements that enhance brain function. Follow the steps below in order to improve your intelligence.

Step One: Increase Social Interaction

When you enter a social setting, you can naturally stimulate your intelligence. This is due to our ability to collect, organize, and then recall information. These basic skills are at the core of our IQ. When trying to improve your ability to reason, remember information, and effectively communicate that information; a social setting allows you to nurture these skills.

When you go out with friends or family, you essentially cause chemical reactions to occur. When you are walking through the park with your friends, you may start talking about nature and how complex it is. This allows you to reinforce the beliefs that you have about the world. It may also challenge what you believe.

When you take part in regular conversations like this, you help to build neural pathways. When you look at someone’s face or say someone’s name, you are firing your memory formation. Since we tend to feel many emotions around others, such as love and happiness, it helps to stimulate mental energy and improves cognition.

Try to incorporate as many mentally stimulating activities into your social gatherings. Psychologists have suggested regular games of scrabble. Activities such as scrabble, encourage social interaction, while improving a range of skills. The benefits of gaming are discussed below, but anytime that you can incorporate social interaction into your gaming experience, it is recommended that you do so.

Step Two: Exercise More Often and Change Your Diet

We all know that exercise is good for our heart, but what about our brain? When focusing on brain activity, blood and oxygen play a large role. When you increase blood flow to the brain, higher levels of oxygen reach your brain cells. This improves signaling, metabolism, and the prevention of age-related brain decay.

When you take part in daily exercise, you help improve cerebral circulation. The actual activity isn’t of importance, as long as you’re exercising for a minimum of 30-45 minutes and your heart rate is elevated. Although exercise is an important area to target, you can also change your eating habits.

A nutritious diet can help boost brain power, by keeping your brain tissue healthy. Some healthy brain foods are fish, nuts, and seeds, as these contain omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids help maintain your brain heath. Pumpkin seeds are a great choice, as they contain both omega-fatty acids and zinc. Consuming just one handful of these delicious seeds daily, can enhance your overall thinking skills and enhance your memory.

Just like exercise and your diet, supplementation can boost your brain power. Anytime you’re deciding on a supplement, focus on stacks that enhance brain circulation. The amount of circulation is a key factor when choosing a supplement to add to your stack. There are many natural supplements to choose from that have been shown to boost IQ.

One study focused on children, supplementation, and their IQ. Children were either given vitamin and mineral supplements or a placebo. This triple-blind study lasted for ten weeks, showing the difference proper nutrition can make. When focusing on non-verbal IQ scores, there was a significant difference between the supplement group and the placebo group. This showed that supplementation can benefit your IQ. Some of the most popular options are discussed below.

Step Three: Challenge Your Mind

Athletes and bodybuilders workout to make their muscles larger and stronger. If they do not continually train, their fitness level begins to suffer. The same is true for your brain. You need to continually workout your brain, because if you don’t use it, you lose it.

There are so many games that test a wide variety of mental functions. You can find games that test your memory, mental reflexes, level of concentration, brain speed, and much more. Not only are games stimulating, but they’re fun.

When focusing on the growth of healthy neural structures, you need to stimulate your brain through new tasks and ideas. When focusing on intelligence, problem solving helps to challenge your brain. By focusing on raw information, your brain is able to make patterns, allowing your brain to make connections.

Playing video games or participating in puzzles, can help keep the brain limber. We spend far too much time in front of the television. This is a mindless activity, which does not require mental stimulation. Do a crossword each morning with your coffee, solve word problems, or play video games that keep your mind active.

Step Four: Create An Effective Supplementation Plan

Nootropics are synthetic drugs, vitamins, and nutrients, which are used to boost cognitive functioning. This supplements naturally work with your brain chemicals, while promoting circulation and the maintenance of neural tissue. Some supplements also inhibit reactions, which are linked to stress.

Racetams are the original family of nootropics compounds. These include Piracetam, Aniracetam, Oxiracetam, and Phenylpiracetam. They work by targeting receptors in the hippocampus and cortex, increasing concentration and memory formation.

Whenever taking a racetam, it’s recommended that you take a choline supplement as well. When a choline supplement is taken in a racetam stack, it helps prevent headaches that are associated with this family of compounds. Choline helps to elevate acetylcholine levels, improving communication and functionality.

You can also take a number of GABAergics and anxiolytics, which help decrease levels of anxiety and stress. When you have a calmer mind, you can think more clearly. You should also incorporate more vitamins into your routine, as they promote brain health and cognitive functioning.

If you are unsure of which supplements to take, speak with your healthcare professional. You can also take a complete stack such as Alpha Brain. This supplement brings the benefits of various options, together in one convenient dose. When you combine social interaction, a healthy lifestyle, mental challenges, and nootropics, you can improve your IQ.