The Best and Most Popular Nootropics of 2014

Nootropics are really starting to take off, as more and more people discover their benefits. The most common group of users are students and people in the business world. This is due to the high cognitive demand and a highly competitive market.

Each individual differs in terms of their goals, needs, and brain chemistry. Therefore, finding your perfect nootropic may take some time. However, due to advances in research, there are no shortage of vitamins, supplements, and compounds to choose from.

Whether you’re looking to improve your memory, mood, or learning abilities, there are smart drugs to fit every need. With so many options available without a prescription, nootropics are showing a lot of promise. They can increase focus, without creating negative side-effects (which are commonly associated with prescription drugs like Ritalin).

What’s the Appeal of ‘Smart Drugs?’

A smart drug is any supplement that is taken to improve cognitive function. These may be in the form of a dietary supplement or pharmaceutical. Either way, they do not create a high or anything related. The sole purpose of these drugs is to increase cognitive function.

Not only are they effective regarding memory, concentration, and reasoning; they also restore sleep, improve mood, and increase the success of memory formation. The following ten nootropics are some of the best and most popular choices this year.


Pramiracetam is an enhanced version of Piracetam, as it is 15, even 30 times more potent. They both work in a highly similar manner by targeting acetylcholine receptor sites. Like all racetams, this supplement works best when taken with a choline supplement.

It has been shown to improve memory, allowing for a higher learning capacity, increased mental energy, and even treats degenerative cognitive diseases. As it is non-toxic, users can take this supplement on an ongoing basis. It is know as one of the ‘purer’ nootropics in terms of producing only cognitive effects (mood and anxiety levels are not influenced)


Noopept is one of the strongest nootropics that you can obtain, being 1000 times more potent than Piracetam. It is known to be neuroprotective, as it positively effects synaptic plasticity. It’s also known to increase memory, learning ability, mood, sensory perception, and overall cognitive performance.

Since this nootropic is so potent, only small doses need to be taken. Since it is closely related to racetams, it is beneficial to take Noopept with a choline supplement such as Alpha GPC or Citicoline.


This supplement is basically Piracetam, but is 60 times more concentrated. The key difference is the phenyl group attached to Piracetam. This additional phenyl molecule group, provides unique benefits and properties.

It is known to increase memory formation and recall speed, improve learning ability, increase mental energy, and improve one’s focus. Not only does it create numerous cognitive benefits, but Phenylpiracetam also improves the body’s reaction to stress and increased endurance. This is why athletes find this nootropic beneficial.


This is most certainly one of the strongest nootropics, which is why it should be used with caution. In order to obtain this drug, you must have a prescription. It was originally developed for treating narcolepsy and other sleep conditions.

It is ideal for individuals that experience daytime sleepiness or chronic fatigue. Not only is it a wakefulness agent, Modafinil also yields cognitive effects. This includes improved memory, mental energy, and improved focus.


Adrafinil is a common substitute for Modafinil, however you do not need a prescription. This supplement converts to Modafinil once broken down in the liver. It produces the same benefits as Modafinil, and is generally used as a wakefulness agent.

Like Modafinil, there is the risk that tolerance will occur. For this reason, you should cycle this supplement to prevent any negative effects. Typically, users should not take this supplement more than three times weekly, for more than five months.


5-HTP is a naturally occurring extract which turns into serotonin in the brain. This neurotransmitter is essential regarding sleep patterns and mood. It is naturally produced in the body, as its related to the breakdown of tryptophan.

This is commonly used as a natural substitute to a variety of prescription medications. It decreases levels of depression and anxiety, improves memory, and enhances overall cognitive function.


Aniracetam belongs to the racetams family, offering more than just cognitive enhancements. It is fairly potent in terms of combating anxiety, depression, and stress. It also increases memory, produces higher mental clarity, improves mood, and mental energy.

Just like other racetams, it targets acetylcholine receptors. This is the neurotransmitter that provides enhanced cognition. Due to increases in serotonin in dopamine, mood improves. Lastly, brain energy increases due to improved efficiency of glucose and oxygen.


Sulbutiamine is a synthetic version of thiamine or vitamin B1. Thiamine is used to produce acetylcholine and GABA. Dopamine is also increased, positively affecting mood.

This is most commonly used to increase brain energy, attention span, and focus. It is also linked to improved feelings of well-being and relaxation.


This is one of the most common supplements to take in a stack. Although choline is found in some of the foods we eat, supplementation is generally needed when experimenting with nootropics.

A choline source is essential for the production of acetylcholine (the neurotransmitter related to cognitive function). It is commonly stacked with racetams, as it counteracts potential headaches. Make sure you take a good quality source such as Alpha GPC, Citicoline, or Centrophenoxine.

Huperzine A

This is a popular herbal nootropic, which is known to increase acetylcholine in the brain. Since this neurotransmitter is responsible for improved memory and enhanced cognitive function, it has become increasing popular.