Memory Pills for Students and Dementia Patients

Although many seniors are looking to sharpen their memory, they’re not the only group who are aiming to boost cognitive functioning. Based on heavy workloads and studying, students are also highly interested in various memory pills and supplements. What are the most effective memory pills for both of these groups?

Whether a family member has been diagnosed with dementia or you’re looking to gain an upper edge in order to remember details when studying, there are supplements to assist you. Not only do these supplements prevent memory loss, but they also help you feel sharper within day-to-day activities.

Our brains are highly complex, made up of a chemical and physical network that reacts, communicating with various areas. When taking dietary supplements, you can naturally enhance these reactions and overall functioning. In fact, many recommend that you implement some form of natural brain supplement into your daily routine. In order to explore your options and come more aware of what’s available, let’s compare some of the memory pills currently available.

What Are the Top Memory Pills?

While focusing on memory enhancement, there’s no doubt that a cholinergic is the best choice. This category is made up of organic compounds which offer a rich source of choline. Being an essential nutrient, choline helps facilitate neuron signalling. Amazingly, it also has anti-inflammatory properties, prevents atherosclerosis, and reduces one’s risk of liver disease.

While focusing on the central nervous system, choline produces acetylcholine, the neurotransmitter responsible for cognitive functioning, including both short and long-term memory. In order to boost acetylcholine levels, the only effective way to do so is by taking a choline supplement.

When deficient in this chemical, individuals experience brain fog and a lack of focus. When experienced long-term, low levels of both choline and acetylcholine can lead to brain impairments. The most common cholinergics include Alpha GPC and CDP Choline.

Drugs That Enhance Memory

Although the idea that smart pills could boost intelligence and cognitive ability, seems a bit odd, modern pharmacology offers pills in which create some incredible effects. Compounds such as Modafinil, as well as its precursor Adrafinil both elevates one’s mental focus and significantly boosts learning ability.

When studied in recent trials, patients who were given these types of drugs, performed better within memory tests in comparison to a placebo group. By stimulating catecholamine hormones, these drugs are being used within colleges, universities, businesses, and in a wide range of other professional locations.

There are also a number of drugs currently being used in order to treat memory loss and the signs and symptoms associated with dementia. Alzheimer’s is the most common cause of dementia, affecting millions across the globe. Memory supplements are gaining traction and if you believe that you would benefit from memory-loss support, speak to your doctor regarding your situation and which supplements may be right for you.

Various drugs, such as Tacrine and Donepezil, are cholinesterase inhibitors, meaning they prevent excessively low levels of acetylcholine, countering the enzyme in which breaks this chemical down. A prime example of a non-pharmaceutical cholinesterase inhibitor is Huperzine A. This supplement is often taken within the memory stack known as Alpha Brain, offering many positive benefits on memory.

Natural Nutrients Which Boost Memory

Natural nutrients are known to promote many positive functions in the body. This category of supplements are derived from organic plant and food sources, hence the term natural. If you are trying to avoid pharmaceutical drugs based on side effects or possible interactions, these memory pills may be what you’re looking for. They boost memory, without producing the associated side effects.

A classic example is Gingko Biloba, extracted from an ancient Chinese tree. This natural supplement is perhaps the most well-known, however, researchers are still trying to pinpoint exactly how it works. Other natural supplements, such as Vinpocetine, a plant alkaloid which delivers memory-enhancing effects, boosts circulation in the brain.

Another less well-known option is Forskolin, naturally improving memory formation. This supplement stimulates cAMP levels, assisting in synaptic pathways. While focusing on long-term potentiation, also known as long-term memory storage, this is critical. Often paired with artichoke extract, this combination improves this process even further.

Taking Advantage of Memory Stacks

Often, the best memory effects can be achieved when combining various supplements together. This is what’s known as a stack and when combined, various supplements yield synergistic effects. The most well-known and best-selling stack is Alpha Brain. It offers users memory vitamins that enhance both choline and acetylcholine.

This stack creates ideal conditions in the brain, allowing users to improve concentration, learning, memory formation, and overall cognitive health. With ingredients such as Huperzine A, Bacopa Monnieri, AC-11, Tyrosine, Vitamin B6, Oat Straws, and more, this stack can help individuals accomplish more in terms of cognitive functioning.

These ingredients help target circulation in the brain, reduce stress levels which hinder cognition, and encourage the growth of neural structures in relation to memory. Another option is CILTEP, which includes ingredients such as Forskolin, Artichoke Extract, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, and more.

Should I Take a Memory Pill?

While focusing on cognitive health, the key to enhanced and stable memory function is protecting your brain. Not being able to remember, threatens your identity and who you are as a person. You need to protect your neural health, offering support in order to maintain memory and logical reasoning.

If you take a daily memory supplement which includes some of the compounds discussed above, you can essentially improve memory while you protect your future brain health. You do not need to be experiencing symptoms of memory loss in order to benefit. Also, memory pills do not need to cost a lot, however, they can make a big impact in your life.