A Closer Look at the Alpha Brain Ingredient AC-11

If you’re familiar with the nootropics community, then you have more than likely heard of Alpha Brain. If not, Alpha Brain is a complete and balanced nootropic stack. While majority of the ingredients have an extensive history, less is known regarding one of the key ingredients: AC-11.

The herbal formula of this ingredient, is known to help repair possible DNA damage. When our cells are exposed to environmental stress, they become slightly damaged. Taking supplements such as Alpha Brain, helps to potentially repair some of this damage, allowing for enhanced brain health, as well as cognitive functioning.

The ingredient known as AC-11, has been included in this stack, so that it’s well-balanced. This allows the user to experience neuroprotective benefits, on top of positive cognitive effects. This ingredient contains compounds which are known as Carboxyl Alkyl Esters. These compounds are the most common types of organic acids, which are found in vinegar (acetic acid) or even lemons (citric acid).

What Is AC-11?

AC-11 is an all-natural ingredient that is derived from the inner bark of a vine, known as Uncaria tomentosa (which is indigenous to the Amazon). As discussed below, it is believed to help repair damaged DNA. It is effective when taken both orally and topically (as it’s often used for skin care).

This ingredient has been supported by over 40 scientific studies. Within the research, it’s been found that AC-11 helps the body repair from oxidative stress and exposure to the sun’s UV rays. Overall, this helps to boost one’s immune system, while providing cognitive benefits when taken in an Alpha Brain stack.

The Effects of AC-11

Since the Carboxyl Alkyl Esters are the key active ingredients, they create approximately 90% of benefits. Exactly how AC-11 works, is not fully understood. When focusing on DNA, this supplement can help repair parts of the structure that are affected.When taking this supplement, vital enzymes are activated, which help to repair.

What are the Benefits of AC-11?

As we age, many internal and external systems do not function as effectively as they once did. The same is true when attempting to repair DNA damage. As we get older, damaged DNA becomes much more difficult to repair. Since our DNA replicates itself, damaged strands tend to spread. This can lead to cognitive degeneration, diabetes, memory loss, skin issues (age spots, wrinkles), and other age-related conditions. AC-11 works by activating enzymes, which repair damaged DNA.

Due to its effects on the skin, AC-11 is often taken or applied in order to combat skin issues. It increases levels of collagen, helping users keep their skin younger looking. Low levels of collagen not only affect one’s skin, but their bones, connective tissue, and joints as well.

When users apply AC-11 topically, they begin to repair discolored skin, fine lines, and wrinkles. When ingested, this supplement helps boost one’s immune system, increase collagen levels, and reduce inflammation. It also plays a role in cellular growth, while regulating cell death.

AC-11 Dosage

When taking AC-11, it is recommended that you consume approximately 350 to 700 mg when taken orally. When taking one dose of Alpha Brain, you will ingest 350 mg of AC-11. For the average user, this is enough to experience positive effects.

Others take this ingredient topically, rubbing it on their skin. In order to focus on skin benefits, open a capsule and rub the contents on the surface of your skin. When taking topically, only open one capsule, rubbing it on a desired area. DO NOT use more than one capsule at a time, as your skin absorbs the contents into your bloodstream.

Results differ from one individual to the next. This is due to the user’s natural susceptibility to damaged DNA, as well as environmental factors. Like any new supplement, speak with your healthcare professional if you have any questions or concerns.

What Side-Effects Does AC-11 Create?

When taking AC-11, there are a few potential side-effects. Some users experience ‘temporary niacin flushing.’ This can leave users feeling as though their skin is warm. Although this can be alarming, it is not harmful and does not last long.

AC-11 contains high concentrations of fruit-based acids, which may lead to cleansing of the bowels. Although this is not harmful to one’s health, it can be uncomfortable. Some individuals also experience an allergic reaction, but this is solely based on the individual.

When taken as recommended, there are no harmful effects. This ingredient isn’t known to interact with any other medications, but check with your healthcare provided to be safe (especially if you’re on daily medication).

Overall Review of AC-11

When focusing on the benefits of this supplement, users typically experience positive results regarding DNA repair, immune functioning, and inflammation. Evidence is growing that it may also contribute to life extension and anti-aging properties.

You will not find this ingredient on its own, but you will find it in Alpha Brain. Since Alpha Brain includes a number of ingredients, the benefits of AC-11 are only the beginning. When you take this stack, you increase anti-aging properties, while boosting cognitive functioning.

This stack is recommended for users that want to experience the benefits of multiple nootropics. Alpha Brain includes many beneficial, natural ingredients. However, it does lack some of the more powerful nootropic options, such as Piracetam or Aniracetam. If you’d like, you could always stack a racetam with Alpha Brain.

If you are a beginner, than Alpha Brain is a good choice. With a mix of 11 natural ingredients, users experience a wide diversity of effects. Besides AC-11, you will find: Alpha GPC, Phosphatidylserine, Bacopa, L-Theanine, L-Tyrosine, Pterostibene, Vitamin B-6, Oat Straw, Vinpocetine, and Huperzine A. As mentioned, speak with your doctor if you have any questions.