Reducing ADHD Symptoms Without Side-Effects

There are no shortage of ADHD medications on the market. However, many medications create harsh side-effects. When you’re looking to treat ADHD symptoms, safety is the top priority. The drugs that are most commonly prescribed, are often considered to be amphetamines.

These stimulants artificially spike neurochemicals, which create the risk of addiction and side-effects. There are more natural supplements that achieve the same results; by working with one’s brain chemistry, providing lasting relief.

Prescription Drugs and ADHD

The difficulty in treating ADHD lies in its causes. At this time, researchers have not reached a consensus regarding the cause of this disorder. However, many have targeted dopamine levels as the core issue. Dopamine influences our ability to maintain attention, which is a weak area for individuals with ADHD.

Dopamine also plays a role in our mood, motivation, and natural energy. Therefore, many prescription drugs work by artificially spiking levels of this neurotransmitter. Both Ritalin and Adderalll are two of the most common drugs, which act as stimulants.

Like other amphetamine stimulants, these have the potential to create hormonal crashes. This can result in withdrawal symptoms, leading to dependency. New research suggests that dopamine is only a fraction of the big picture. If this is true, Ritalin may not be addressing the main issues, potentially causing more harm than good.

mental-clarity-2How to Increase Mental Clarity

Mental clarity involves more than dopamine spikes. In order to achieve true clarity, you need to target all systems within the brain. Since acetylcholine is directly related to levels of focus, it may be an excellent option. Acetylcholine helps neural structures communicate and grow more effectively.

When tissues receive acetylcholine and oxygen-rich blood, new neurons and synapses flourish. When you take supplements that target these processes, you can achieve more sustainable mental focus. This led to the development of racetams, the first nootropics class.

Racetams include nootropics such as Oxiracetam and Piracetam. These target the nicotinic acetylcholine receptors, which helps to stimulate neural growth, while increasing communication within the brain. When you stack a racetam with a choline supplement, you increase beneficial results. This is why Piracetam and related nootropics are recommended for ADHD patients.

Increasing Mental Energy

Mental energy is a result of various factors. First, mental focus results from proper cell metabolism. When nerve cells are able to utilize nutrients and eliminate waste, functionality improves. Once this occurs, you experience heightened mental alertness and responsiveness.

It’s also important that your brain produces, disperses, and re-uptakes dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine; as they help create the feeling of energy. If you experience chronic stress, age-related decay, or illness; these hormones could be imbalanced. This will directly affect your executive functioning.

When supplementing for ADHD, it’s important to balance hormones, without causing spikes to occur. Once again, the racetams class are great options. Oxiracteam is one of the best nootropics in terms of stimulating effects. This helps to create natural energy for hours, allowing you to study or think logically.

Wonderful-Smells-That-Will-Improve-Your-MoodImproving Mood

When it comes to individuals with ADHD, staying mentally focused is a challenge. It’s not uncommon to feel restless, struggling to sit still. This can create feelings of irritability and frustration. When these feelings emerge, symptoms are generally worsened.

Effective ADHD treatments should include a component to lift one’s mood, while bringing a calming effect. This can be achieved through serotonin production. Calm emotions can also be produced when the over-firing of nerves are limited.

This is where the neurotransmitter GABA comes into play. This cuts stress levels, promoting calmness. Many nootropics create the effects of GABA, reducing feelings of anxiety. Noopept is often recommended as an ADHD supplement, helping lift mood, while improving mental focus.

How Safe are Natural ADHD Supplements?

When comparing natural supplements and prescription drugs in terms of safety, there is no comparison. The regular use of amphetamines can create very serious dangers that are severe and harmful. When these negative effects are paired with potential addiction and withdrawal, ADHD medications are often undesired. This is especially true, as majority of ADHD patients are under the age of 18.

When it comes to nootropics, side-effects range from mild to non-existent. Majority do not require a prescription, as they can be purchased online. Piracetams for instance, has been around for many years. In some cases, users experienced jitters or sleepiness, but these are easily adjusted through correct personal dosage.

One of the largest benefits is that symptoms are reduced, while brain health is improved. Neuro-protective qualities are important, as they help protect your brain for the future. These natural supplements are safe and effective.

Taking Common Vitamins

Not only can individuals with ADHD purchase nootropics, they can also look into vitamins. Complex B-vitamins have been found to create positive effects, reducing symptoms of ADHD. These B-vitamins cannot be produced in the body, but are essential for your brain.

B-complex vitamins are known to reduce stress, improve sleeping patterns, boost concentration and motivation, while improving memory and acetylcholine levels. Pretty impressive. This can benefit ADHD patients, while improving their overall health. You can also find these vitamins in the powerful stack known as Alpha Brain.